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a moment. the parents of audrey potts faced reporters and they described a situation where the girl is intoxicated at a party, sorry, are we getting video now? i heard something. okay. very good. >> sorry we'll try to get back up. moving on investigators say they uncovered a number of lapses that could have avoided a fire at chevron refinery in august. u.s. chemical safety board released a report today. the investigation found chevron failed to replace sections of piping and were aware of the risk of failure. investigators say the fire was caused by pipe that fail candidate released a massive vapor cloud. >> new report on the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion finds engineers warned pg&e about concerns years before the last. documents show pg&e slashed spending for inspections and maintenance. three years before the explosion. the report says company engineers warranted executives they'd possibly endanger the public, lawyers responded saying decisions by executives did not amount to wrong doing. >> and still to come on abc 7 news you're going to meet husband and wife responder that
for the three teenage boys who are accused of attacking audrey pott. her parents are in contact with politicians about new legislation. marianne favro has details. >> because the three suspects are minors, we don't know the conditions of their house arrest. can they use cell phones or go to school. they must all wear ankle bracelets. audrey pots are not -- they are fighting for new state laws. >> audrey pott took her own life less than two weeks after she was sexually assaulted last year. photos were shared electronically at her high school. now her parents are grappling with the news that the three 16-year-old boys accused are out of juvenile hall on house arrest. all three boys must wear monitoring devices on their ankles. director of golden state investigations say they must be worn 24/7. >> juvenile hall doesn't have the ability to monitor it. it's expensive to have somebody watch those things. >> in response to the house arrest, the attorney representing her family issued this statement today saying. the family remains hopeful that the young men will be prosecuted as adults. we otherwise ar
of audrey potts is stepping up efforts to keep the boys charged in custody. we are live to begin our team coverage. david? >> audrey potts mother, stepmother and father will be here tomorrow to seek a judge not to release those three teenagers from custody. they outlined their reasoning for the first time.. >> these are the mothers, stepmother and father of audrey pott. thursday's arrest of three teenagers has them seeking justice. >> she made her feeling clear in messages we're left to find. there is no doubt the reason why audrey took her life z three people who were arrested are responsible for her death. >> stepmother is referring to messages sent to friends in them saying her life was ruined after allegedly be sexual assaulted after drinking at a friend's house. >> these boys, these young men have a history what. they did was disguflting. what they did was they did it sober. >> the parents will be in court tomorrow to keep the three teenagers in custody. they are also filing a civil suit claiming wrongful death. private investigators say they are running into silence trying to talk t
in a series of disturbing cases. >> reporter: audrey pott was just 15 when photos of her raped were circulated online when she was passed out. >> it is unconscionable for someone to distribute images like this when you have taken advantage of someone and why are you filming and distributing a crime. >> reporter: a family attorney said only after her death audrey parents learned she had seen the images. >> we obviously can't bring audrey's back but the family's goal is what happened to audrey never happens again and that people who do that are held accountable. >> reporter: the district attorney must decide whether to try the three teens as adults. two high school football players last month were convicted in juvenile court of attacking a girl while she was passed out drunk and posting the images of assault. >> what does the public display do to the victim. >> it is the most traumatic thing. >> reporter: a psychology says most teens don't think about the consequences of toasting the images online. >> they think it is a limited number that will see it but when word gets out, the entire world ca
is being planned for 15-year-old audrey potts more than seven months after she died. our usual policy is not to identify the victims of sexual assault or suicide, but in this case, her parents want her name and face to be shown in an effort to prevent this from happening to anyone else. nbc bay area's kimberly thiere with more. >> reporter: the three teenage suspects are being held here. their detention hearings are expected monday or tuesday. the boys, all 16 years old, accused of sexually assaulting 15-year-old audrey potts while she was unconscious at an unsupervised house party september 2. according to authorities, photos were taken of the attack and circulated on line. a week after the assault, audrey took her own life. a vigil has been announced friday at saratoga high school where she and the suspects went to school. it's expected to start at 8:00 p.m. audr audrey's parents have not spoken publicly about the case yet. but a press conference is scheduled for monday. audrey's mother, father, and stepmother are all expected to be there. >> the family's goal is that what happened
in gilroy. friends of 15-year-old audrey pott remember her as a girl with a wonderful personality. the family's attorney says she want to prevent the same thing from happening to another girl. >> the message is through her story we want to make society safer and better so these things don't happen. >> reporter: the attorney said that audrey was a at a house party, and had been drinking when a group of boys sexuallily assaulted her. >> based on what we know, audrey was unconscious, there were multiple boys in the room with her. she did unimaginable things to her while she was unconscious. making it much worse is the fact that afterwards, apparently a photo or multiple photographs were taken of the assault as it was taking place. >> reporter: he says those photos were posted on line and were seen by several students at the high school. in the days that followed, audrey wrote on her facebook page "the whole school knows, my life is ruined now" eight days after the assault, audrey pott took her own life. the family's attorney says that two of the students are at the high school, a thi
and cyber -bullying of 15-year old audrey potts. there was no comment from attorneys for the pott's family, nor the three suspects. before or after the hearing at juvenile hall this morning in san jose. the boys were arrested last week at saratoga high school, in connection with the september 2012 incident. the assault allegedly occurred at a house party after potts passed out from drinking, according to her attorney. a week later, audrey potts hanged herself. when the lewd photographs of her. were digitally passed among classmates. a county prosecutor also declined to comment about the case specifically, but did outline what the court is considering. as it decides whether to release the boys from custody. on monday, the potts family and their attorney addressed the media. calling for the defendants to be tried in open court, as adults. a decision on that could take up to a month. >> gary: the giants in milwaukee. the a's want to beat up houston. and pat summerall has passed away. coming up, later. you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't
with the alleged sexual assault of saratoga high school student audrey pott. yesterday her parents and an attorney announced a civil suit against the three suspects and said attackers used a black marker to write taunting messages on the girl's body, it allegedly happened after audrey pott got drunk at a party and passed out. >> one said "blank was here" as if to taunt her when she was asleep someone was violating her. >> the boys distributed the pictures to humiliate and bully my daughter. >> the pott family is suing the parents of a friend whose home was the site of the party. >>> other bay area headlines, a plea hearing happens this morning in san jose, five people accused of involvement in a murder. a wealthy businessman died by suffocation in his home last november. police say he was killed in a home invasion robbery. today's hearing is 9 a.m. in santa clara county superior court. >>> police in pleasant hill are looking for a thief who slammed a stolen car in a staples store on contra costa boulevard. the green honda was reported stolen at berkeley. investigators are reviewing surveillance vi
's investigationin san jose haaziq madyun kron4news another new twist in the high-profile case of audrey pott, the saratoga teen who killed herself after she was allegedly the victim of sexual battery and cyber- bullying. a day after her family and attorney spoke out about the case, no one is saying much about the outcome of a detention hearing for three juveniles accused in the case. ed vasquez, a spokesman for pott family attorney robert allard refused to talk about the outcome of a detention hearing for three under-age defendants here at santa clara county juvenile court tuesday. the three saratoga high school students were arrested last week in connection with the alleged sexual battery and cyber- bullying of 15-year-old audrey pott, who passed out from drinking at a party in september of 2012 and then took her own life when photos of the assault were digitally passed among classmates. on monday her parents said the boys should be tried as adults in open court. sheila pott/audrey's mother also on monday, pott family attorney robert allard says there is evidence the boys used a marker to s
on suspicion of sexual battery against audrey pott . a saratoga high school sophomore who hanged herself last september after an explicit photos circulated of the alleged assault. the santa clara county sheriff's office says the initial investigation turned up only enough evidence to support citations for misdemeanor sexual battery. the boys were not taken into custody when there were farsighted, and the shares office did not know if they had appeared at any juvenile court hearings. >> the pott family is expected to hold a press conference this morning at 11:00. audrey's mother, father, stepmother of was the family attorney are all expected to speak. will be carrying the press conference today on our 24/7 channel comcast 193. >> secretary of state john kerry heads home after a three day trip to court south korea, china and japan. >> the goal of the trip was to ensure commitment from these countries to keep north korea from pursuing its new clear goals. andrew spencer has the details. >> secretary of state john kerry spent the past three days meeting with leaders in seoul, beijing, and tokyo.
in the audrey pott case, this time against her school, saratoga high. pott is the 15-year-old girl who committed suicide. her family says it was as a result of a sexual assault and bullying at the hands of three male classmates. her family has just filed a claim which could be a precursor to a lawsuit against the saratoga union high school district. more live from san jose. >> reporter: good evening. this is what's called a governor claim. it is required if the family wants to pursue legal action against the school distribute t.outlines new allegations against school officials, some of which are shocking. the overriding accusation made by audrey potts' family against the los gatos-saratoga union high school district is that school officials knew that the teen was being bullied by classmates and failed to act and the school also accuses the principal of saratoga high of announcing the death over the loudspeaker to the student body before the family realize that had she was passed away. that's because she was kept on life support for two days after she hanged herself and the family claims audrie w
's house following a night of partying and heavy drinking, 15- year-old audrey pott woke up to find her clothes removed and that her body was written with a marker. >> it said that one man's name was here, taunting her that someone was violating her while she was asleep. >> reporter: the assault allegedly by three 16-year-old high school boys who texted and shared at least one photo of the incident drove pott's to hang herself a week later. >> it was a message that said haha look what we did to you, you're not going to forget us. >> i'm going to quote audrey directly here. these are her words. >> reporter: she gathered for a news conference in which her stepmother read a series of her facebook messages and texts to friends what she sent out before her suicide. >> i'm in hell, everyone knows about that night, the whole school is talking about it, my life is over. >> reporter: the three boys all members of the saratoga high football team have been arrested for sexual battery and in custody at juvenile hall. their attorneys declined to comment today. >>
-old audrey pott say she took the photo after -- now they hope the boys who are facing felony charges will be prosecuted as adults. >> the family hopes these boys are brought to justice and that they face the gravest consequences that they can. regardless of their age. >> the case has drawn comparesons to a sexual assault case in suen vail, ohio. >>> storm may be in one of two vehicles. a black audi on the left or green kia seoul on the right. both were stolen wednesday and thursday. >>> by a vote of 68-31 the senate voted to move forward with the debate. some family members of the victims of sandy hook shooting are on capitol hill. supporters say it will be a struggle to get 60 votes on the actual gun control measures. >> the nra will try to throw all kinds of amendments at us. we'll have to work really hard to prevent them from being added to the bill. >> the first legislation up for consideration would expand background checks for gun buyers. the senate will also discuss to ban assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines. >>> people in newtown, connecticut are sr. celeb
transformers. >>> hundreds of people are expected to attend a candle light vigil for audrey pott. she took her own life in september after pictures surfaced when she was allegedly sexually assaulted at a party. three boys have been charged with sexual assault. the vigil is 8:00 tonight at saratoga high school. >>> they are asking for your help to identify this man. he is described as a black male in his early or mid 20s. about six feet tall with a slender build. on march 14th a man fitting this description shot 34-year- old raymond harris of san pablo. police are looking for a woman that ran off with him after the shooting. >>> coming up hopefully people are not feeling a lot of news. people may seem a little tense out there. sal, how sit looking? any problems? >> actually it's nice and quiet. it's been a very nice commute. let's take a look at the commute now if you are driving on 101 in san francisco. continues to look good. with no major problems approaching the 80 split. a quiet road at the bay bridge toll plaza as well getting into the city westbound with no major problems. san mateo brid
s now inland. >>> the three teenage suspects in the audrey pott case are now at home on arrest after being released from juvenile hall. they are accused of sexually assaulting the labor day girl. the girl took her own life a week ago. >>> growing safety concerns will be the at top of the agenda when the bart board of directors relieves tomorrow morning. they will protect both bart passengers and employees. they are joining transit agencies across the country. meantime bart riders can check their commuters or smart phone to see how crowded the trains might be. it has an icon that will tell you if heavy, moderate, or light crowding is expected. it uses historic predictive data to determine how busy trains are at particular times. >>> metropolitan commission is expected to vote. the proposal calls for the agency to keep clipper car passenger records for 4.5 years instead of seven. privacy advocates express concern for the data after learning it could be subpoenaed. personal information is not turned over without a subpoena or search warrant. >>> crime hits close to home for governor jer
: another grieving family, dealing with the loss of a daughter. audrey pott's parents plan to tell their story publicly on monday. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> axelrod: later, medicare patients have their chemoaffected by the sequester. the 14-year-old golfer who is the talk of the masters. and in texas, a high-profile arrest of a formerti oshen the cbs evening news continues. in nearly a year, former egyptian president hosni mubarak appeared in public today. mubarak sat up in the prisoner cage inside a cairo courtroom. he faces charges related to the killing of pro-democracy demonstrators two years another but today, the judge in the case recused himself with no explanation, halting the trial. now to texas where investigators in kaufman, 30 miles south of dallas, have been looking into the murders of a district attorney and his wife as well as another top prosecutor. this morning, eric williams, a former justice of the peace, was arrested after his home was searched, but he's not being called a suspect in the murders. senior correspondent john miller is here to help us
disabled. >>> the parents of 15-year-old audrey pott say she took the photo after -- now they hope the boys who are facing felony charges will be prosecuted as adults. >> the family hopes these boys are brought to justice and that they face the gravest consequences that they can. regardless of their age. >> the case has drawn comparesons to a sexual assault case in suen vail, ohio. >>> storm may be in one of two vehicles. a black audi on the left or green kia seoul on the right. both were stolen wednesday and thursday. >>> by a vote of 68-31 the senate voted to move forward with the debate. some family members of the victims of sandy hook shooting are on capitol hill. supporters say it will be a struggle to get 60 votes on the actual gun control measures. >> the nra will try to throw all kinds of amendments at us. we'll have to work really hard to prevent them from being added to the bill. >> the first legislation up for consideration would expand background checks for gun buyers. the senate will also discuss to ban assault weapons and large ca
with if felonies. the family of 15-year-old audrey pott will hold a news conference tomorrow to talk about the case. >>> an 8-year-old boy is hospitalized tonight after collapsing during a baseball game. witnesses say the boy was hit in the chest by a baseball and then stumbled and fell as ran to 1st 1st base. two off duty paramedics helped get his heartbeating he was airlifted to children's hospital where he remains tonight. >>> it is a fields of dreams that has been shattered for east bay little leaguers. e facilityd maoff with $1,000 worth of equipment. the little league coach essay it is a big blow -- coaches say it is a big blow to the community trying to keep kids off of the street. here is a happy footnote. we learned late today that odools donated $1500 to the team to make up for the loss. anyone else interested in making a donation can contact the richmond little league. >>> finding the cause of a plane crash. a bay area reporter saw it at the airport. >>> results just coming in on the venezuela election. >>> tensioned heightened on a eve of
to "america live" everyone, i'm megyn kelly. the parents of audrey potts are today speaking out for the first time about the sexual assault they say of their 15-year-old daughter last september and how the three young men now charge with the crime allegedly shared photos of the incident, which they say led to audrey taking her life eight days after the attack. this is just the latest in a recent series of incidents where a crime is committed, allegedly in this case, and then magnified in pictures, and here is how the family says audrey's story played out. over labor day weekend last year she attended a party at a friend's house. the parents of that friend were out of town. audrey joined some friends drinking and then passed out and was unconscious. the family's attorney says audrey woke up to quote, the worst nightmare imaginable as she was sexually assaulted by three young men. five days later, photos of the alleged assault had begun making the rounds according to the family and audrey posted on facebook, quote "the whole school knows. my life is ruined" friends say she told them she didn't
that the sexual assault may have been the final straw for audrey potts who apparently went to the school a year before the attack claiming she was bullied by boys. it's unclear if they were the same boys. two weeks after her suicide, the school principal dismissed those claims. the bullying did not play a part in her death, he said. now, the principal is referring all questions to the superintendent's office. the 16-year-old suspects are now in a juvenile facility until their court date this week. and here now is the pott family attorney. >> the dangerous effects of kids and what they can do with their phone and their laptops, is immensely damaging and in the case of audrey. she terrorized. >> trace: the on the flip side, they say most of what is reported is unaccurate. the disturbing attempt to link audrey's suicide to the specific actions of these three boys. we're hopeful that all of these boys, none of whom have been in trouble with the law are to be regarded as innocent and the pott family believes in the seven months between the incident and the arrest the boys destroyed evidence and they
called spiral of silence no, one says anything no, one will say anything. >> the parents of audrey pott may file lawsuits against some students and they're parents. >> it serves a purpose of saying parent to parent we need to help our children understand what is appropriate and inprompt. both boys and girls. >> the three boys will remain in custody here through the weekend. the family will hold a news conference in order to under score what is considered importance of strengthening laws against cyber bullying. >> abc 7 news learn that had for the second time this week, children have been left unattended in a car at the shopping mall. today a 3 and 4-year-old found in a vehicle with windows rolled up outside of the marina square shopping center. the father found and arrested for child endangerment. wednesday, temperatures rose to 80 degrees a 4-month-old girl was found inside of the a car, crying. the mother in that case was also arrested. >> tonight new developments on the ongoing standoff with north korea. secretary of state john kerry arrived in seoul today to reassure south korea u.s
is audrey pott, her parents allowed to share this photo with you. lawyers for the accused teen sent us a statement. much of what has been reported is inaccurate. most disturbing is the link to link the suicide to the specific action of these three boys. they say the crime happened at you know unsupervised house party last september. 15-year-old passed out after drinking. she was sexually assaulted. the two boys took pictures during the assault. those photos were posted them on line. she later committed suicide. >> the way the crime was carried out came with a high degree of sophistication. the family's belief they should be tried an adult. >> the attorney is accusing them by destroying evidence in the case by deleting texts and emails. they will make their first court appearance to tuesday. >> documents released by the state department of transportation showed that company that made the faulty bolts for the bay bridge was flagged before because of shoddy work. the documents show in 2007 a year before the bolts were delivered and installed caltrans gave dyson corporation a failing grade
for the power of family, the alleged assault happened at a house party. a week later, audrey pott committed suicide after she learned that naked photos of our were being distributed among her classmates. a county prosecutor declined to comment about the case specifically, but he did outlined what the court is considering. it may decide whether to release the voice from custody. >> we have to determine whether or not they have a stable home and if they're in school and the corps will have to consider all of these factors before they determine if there will remain in juvenile hall. >> on monday, the pot family and their attorney addressed the media calling for the defendants to be tried in open court, as adults. a decision on that could take a month. >> there is a look at livermore. you can inspect the temperatures to climb up later on in the week. >> we will be right back. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay alive... but feel alive. the c-class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz through
at an alcohol fueled party spoke today. the parents of audrey potts say they have in doubt their 15-year-old daughter committed suicide as a result of the assault. police say a photo was taken and passed around. audrey hung herself eight days late yes, she says her daughter never told her what happened. >> think that audrey did try to reach out to friends but not to an adult that knew how to handle the situation. >> the world was a far better place when audrey was alive. it would be a safer place if these young men are put behind bars, and responsible for their actions. >> the potts say she was the victim of cyber bullying. officials released this statement as we quote now our staff takes every allegation of bullying seriously and have examined records and found audrey never sought counseling regarding bullying nor made reports of bullying. >> redwood high school is mourning the death of a popular football play killed along with his uncle in a fiery crash saturday. the 16-year-old was the passenger in a ferrari driven by his 75-year-old uncle robert dunn that went out of control, hit a t
of a 15 year old girl and photos of that crime went viral. her name was audrey pott. the relatives want her to use her name to raise awareness of a savage crime. >> audrey by all accounts had too much to drink and she went uptear to sleep and while she was unconscious. male classmates from sarah toga took advantage of her in the ways that are a parent's worst mare. >> the girl postod facebook, the whole school knows. my life is ruined. eight days after the attack she hanged herself and her mother found her in her bedroom on a rope. the manager of a popular diner in new jersey is facing charges of conspiracy and attempted murder as investigators accuse him of trying to have his boss killed. his boss happened to be his uncle. investigators say he was after the money in his uncle's safe. he thought he was hiring a hit man to torteur and kill his uncle. 46th day of testimony and now a second person is kicked off of the jury. we'll explain what led to the judge to dismiss . a security expert suggest that hijackers could do it through certain cell phones. we'll have the details coming up. 194
assaulting audrey pott should be tried as adults. her family attended yesterday's juvenile hearing for the three 16-year-old suspects. a judge considered whether to release the boys to their parents. audrey pott's family says she killed herself after the sexual assault incident photograph toes were distributed at her high school. >>> pg&e says a power line may have to be taken offline today because of an act of sabotage yesterday. someone fired gunshots into several transformers. it's believed that same vandal or vandals cut a critical at&t fiberoptic line nearby. 911 services went down but they've been restored. so are having problems making phone calls. at&t is offering a reward to help catch the culprit. >>> we were talking about the music festival. we'll tell you some of the music stars you can look forward to seeing. >>> northbound 880, traffic a little bit slow getting into downtown oakland. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. >>> welcome back. le:53. we're following -- 8:53. we're following an unprecedented issue. arguments will be heard f
you. i'm so sorry i failed. >> an emotional day. the family of 15-year-old audrey potts share her story. plus, what friends say they wish they would have done differently. that and all the morning's top news stories come up in 30 minutes on "today in the bay." for now, we return to the "today" show. we'll be right back. >>> the hunt is over. a suspected terrorist in the hospital in police custody this morning after an extremely tense week of terror. in the words of the boston police department, justice has won. and residents overjoyed by that news coming out to the streets to cheer on those officers to thank the hundreds of law enforcement officials who helped to get a man believed to be extremely dangerous and to get that man off the streets. all of this happening as a city that was brought to a standstill on friday can now on this saturday morning begin to try to get back to normal. and back here in watertown on this saturday morning, april 20th, 2013, i'm erica hill alongside lester holt. and in new york, matt lauer and savannah guthrie with us for a special edition of "today."
year-old audrey pott have been released from juvenile jail. >> the three will now spend their days in detention. the 15 year-old from saratoga high school was committed suicide days at the the alleged attack. >> clearly the nature of the charges are important but they are presumed to be innocent unless the dna and promprobation can convince the judge they are a danger to the community this is not an unusual ruling by the court. >> a spokesperson for the victims' family says they will remain hopeful that the three teams will be tried as adults. >> 436 . will take a quick break. let us go back outside a look at the golden gate bridge. as we gazed ride on 101. it is nice and light as you expect that 430 in the morning. caltrans is reconfiguring for the morning commute. we will have news update in just a minute. >> we are back with a quick check of the market. futures trading shows all three indexes negative this morning. that after u.s. stocks ended higher yesterday's falling mixed corporate and economic news. about a third of the companies in the s&p index, including exxon mobil and
-old audrey pott. her parents gave permission to release her name. aubrey was a senior when she committed suicide just days after someone posted the photo of the alleged assault online. the sheriff says two of the boys were arrested this morning at saratoga high. a third was arrested at christopher high school in gilroy. pott was apparently drunk and unconscious when the rape took place. today we talked to the attorney about today's arrest. >> the family hopes these boys are brought to custody and face the toughest charges available, regardless the age. >> the three boys are facing felony charges. >>> friends and family in san jose's family victims honored to remember him. viet tran was shot and killed outside a party last saturday. family and friends say tran was a peaceful man and the victim of a senseless crime. >> he's just a very gentle soul. big guy, tough looking guy, but we beneath that he was just a very gentle soul. >> he is san jose's 11th homicide victim this year. san jose police say they are still investigating. investigators have confirmed that members of several vietnamese
audrey pott committed suicide after being raped. >>> an explosive device was sent to arizona sheriff joe arapaio. it was neutralized before it exploded. >> the death toll from the bird flu in china stoup ten. 38 others sickened. this flu snoints but the cdc activated its emergency center just in case. >>> kerry sanders got to visit with carol, the circus elephant injured in a drive by shooting. >>> lipsky star lindsay vonn is at augusta to cheer on her boyfriend tiger woods. tiger starting today two under-par. take a look at this shock video a woman gets into a fight on a bus while holding her baby. she throws her baby to another passenger so she can go fight the woman. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] there are hybrids. ♪ then there are turbo hybrids. introducing the first hybrid you'll actually want to drive. that's the power of german engineering. [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it
-old girl while she was unconscious at a party. eight days later, that girl, seen here, audrey potts hanged herself after pictures of the rape appeared online. this happened last fall outside san jose, california. an attorney for the girl resident family said the relatives asked to make her name public. they said you don't normally identify rape victims. please do in this case because we need people to know about this. he said before the teen killed herself she posted on her facebook page, the whole school knows. my life is ruined. now there are charges, and there are new charges today that come less than a month after a judge in ohio found two high school football stars guilty of raping an intoxicated 16-year-old. photos and video from that incident also went viral. >> with us now criminal defense attorney rebeca rose woodland. >> first they rape her. then put pictures and video online, and then her mother comes in her bedroom and has to take her daughter down from a rope where she hangs and killed herself. >> this is outrageous. thank god we found authorities arrested three of the teens.
audrey pott. she is 15 years old and committed suicide after pictures of that attack were posted online. still to come, it's being called an abortion clinic horror. how did it happen? and why isn't it being reported? we have a special report from a to z on this story. >>> a german hacker claim he can hijack a plane using only a cell phone. do his claims add up? >>> and tonight's shoutout, a wild police chase in hawaii caught on camera. the suspect, a chihuahua. traffic cameras spotted the dog running along onest busiest highways in the state. police officers gave chase. they tried to corner the little guy but he kept getting away. guy tried to get out of the truck. he kept getting away. he kept getting away. this is what happened as a result of what you saw, that was the morning rush hour. 20 minutes later, that means the traffic was over an hour, the dog surrendered. tonight we give a shoutout to this little guy who so briefly outsmarted so many humans. ♪ [ female announcer ] from meeting customer needs... to meeting patient needs... ♪ wireless is limitless. ♪ from finding the be
in the case of audrey pott. >> first, the latest on our breaking news out of texas. we've been monitoring a late briefing in the past few minutes. what we've learned about the deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant. >> and a ktvu crew has just arrived on the scene of that officer involved shooting in san francisco. we'll tell you what we know so far. [ male announcer ] enjoy delicious chicken made the way you say at subwa. with our oven roasted chicken, now a $3 six-inch select. make it your own with melty monterey cheddar or creamy ranch. and during april, the black forest ham is also a $3 six-inch select. subway. eat fresh. >>> more now on tonight's breaking news out of texas. where there has been a massive explosion in a fertilizer plant. initial reports indicate 60 to 70 people were killed, and more than 100 others injured. the explosion happened in the town of west. about 80 miles south of dallas. we heard from a texas member of public safety. he said the explosion and fire leveled 50 to 75 buildings in the neighborhood and reduced a 50 unit apartment building to rubble. he says a ho
developments in the case of audrey pott. >> first, the latest on our breaking news out of texas. we've been monitoring a late briefing in the past few minutes. what we've learned about the deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant. >>> more now on tonight's breaking news out of texas. where there has been a massive explosion in a fertilizer plant. initial reports indicate 60 to 70 people were killed, and more than 100 others injured. the explosion happened in the town of west. about 80 miles south of dallas. we heard from a texas member of public safety. he said the explosion and fire leveled 50 to 75 buildings in the neighborhood and reduced a 50 unit apartment building to rubble. he says a house to house search will continue there through the night. >> i walked through the blast area, i searched some houses earlier tonight. massive, just like iraq. just like the murray building in oklahoma city. you can imagine what kind of damage we're looking at out there. >> the town's ems director says as many as 60, to 70 people are dead. officials are now trying to evacuate 2800 people from the town, f
inland. 50s and 60s coast and bay. >>> time now 5:53. the three teenage suspects in the audrey pott case are on house arrest after being released from juvenile hall. they are accused of sexually assaulting the teenager at a labor day party writing humiliating messages on her body, and sharing a photo with her classmates. on saturday the suspects level juvenile hall. they are being hon toured -- being monitored electronically. >>> a bay area youth baseball coach has entered a not guilty plea to child molestation charges. 52-year-old joel kaufman was charged yesterday with the additional felonies after a man told police kaufman victimized him. kaufman already faced several charges. he molested one boy and secretly filmed another. he owns batting capables in san leandro. he was ordered to electronic house arrest. he is due back in court next month. >>> nevada's governor has responded to claims that his state dumped psychiatric patients here in california and other states. he acknowledges one patient was improperly discharged and two hospital employees were disciplined. sacramento b reports
in that is helping things out. >>> time now 6:55. the three teenage suspects in the audrey pott case are now on house arrest after being released from juvenile hall. they are accused of sexually assaulting the saratoga teenager. writing humiliating messages on her body and sharing a photo with her classmates. she later took her own life a week later. on saturday the suspects left juvenile hall. they are being honored electronic -- being monitored electronically. >>> a new report is out and numbers are in from which meats are the riskiest meats to eat. the center for science looked at more than 33,000 cases of food born illnesses. according to the report, ground beef and chicken caused the most cases of people going to the hospital. turkey and steak are the next highest risk. the researchers say the deli meat, pork, and roast beef are a medium risk. they say the safest meats chicken nuggets, ham, and sausage. >>> the warriors are preparing for game three on friday night in oakland after tying their playoff series with the nuggets. they beat denver last night 131- 117. they did it without their all sta
. >>> a court hearing scheduled this morning for three juveniles accused of sexually assaulting audrey pott who committed suicide in september after she learnedded photographs were circulating online. yesterday her parents and an attorney announced a civil suit against all three suspects and said the attacker used a black marker to write taunting messages on her body after she got drunk at a party and passed out. >> one marking said the name of a young man, blank was here, as if to be taunting her someone was violating her when she was asleep. >> they distributed the picture to humiliate my daughter. >> they are suing the parents of the friends whose home was the site of the party. >>> 5:11. why lawmakers are delaying a vote on gun control reform. >>> sharing the blame, new details about how the chevron refinery fire could have been prevented. >>> and knock knock, the surprise for a south carolinian woman. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the south-eastern u-s. a 12-foot alligator was captur >>> a large reptile in the southeastern united states, that's a 12-foot alligator captured in hiltonhead, south caro
classmates. the family attorney says 15-year-old audrey pott hanged herself eight days after she was raped at an party after she drank alcohol and fell asleep. following the attack the teen saw a photo taken during the assault posted online before killing herself audrey posted on her facebook her life was ruined. her parents say they didn't know about the attack until their daughter's death. >> i think that audrey did try to reach out to some of her friends for help but she didn't reach out to an adult that knew how to handle the gravity of the situation. >> last thursday seven months after the attack the santa clara county sheriff's office arrested 316 year old boys on suspicion of sexual battery -- >> these crimes are not juvenile. sexual assault is an adult crime. these boys distributed to fixtur pictures to humiliate my daughter. if this can happen to my daughter it can happen to anyone. >> the suspect lawyers say much of what have been reported is inaccurate. the san jose attack comes after a recent incident that grabbed national headlines in ohio where two football players were convi
taunting messages on the young girl's body. it it allegedly happened after audrey pott got drunk the at a party and passed out. >>> we are waiting for an update on the boston marathon bombing. stay with kpix 5 for the latest. >>> plus chevron's not the only one to blame. who's now getting blasted in a federal report for the massive refinery fire in august. >>> imagine finding this thousand pound surprise on your doorstep. why one woman had had such a hard time getting someone to take it away. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . >>> welcome back, we have pretty serious traffic situation. >> we have problem in san mateo, a dump truck overturned. >> and it spilled that debris across all lanes of 101. this is southbound 101 as drivers leave the san mateo area, heading toward the east 92 connector ramp. we know that two lanes of traffic are shut down and it's beginning to back up traffic. chp has issued an advisory all drivers to stay clear of the area. south 101 at the connector ramp at east 92. got the dump truck accident there. meanwhile heading for the south bay, the 882 interchange, so fa
-old audrey pott. this occurred last september. it's now seven months later now in september and you have three 16-year-old boys who have been arrested and charged with two counts of felony sexual battery and one misdemeanor. now, fred, we don't know all the details here. but what we know is they were at a friend's house, drinking was involved, the girl passes out. there's some kind of sexual assault, a photo is taken and then it gets widely distributed among the friends. and after learning about this, audrey posts this on face book. she says, they took pictures of me, my life is ruined. this is the worst day ever. and eight days after this assault takes place she takes her own life. this is what audrey's family attorney had to say. take a look. >> what happened to audrey is tragic. it never should have happened. she had no idea what occurred until she woke up the following morning and had some drawing on her body in some private areas. >> well, authorities aren't naming the suspects because they are in fact juveniles. they will have a court appearance some time next week. now, the victim
and indeed the civil cases, any legal expert will tell you, the family's belief that audrey pott took her life because of the assault and because of the pictures are not necessarily the fact and the facts will be the key. >> shepard: thankthank you, jon. let's talk bet criminal side of this first. these kids are underage, and the level of punishment possible here is -- >> usual live it's incarceration until they're adults. the parents, the family of the victim are asking they be treated as an adult because of the heinous nature of the crime characterization common thing to ask for. number two, if what they're saying is true, the boys were not influenced by alcohol whatsoever and, of there, they knew what they were doing. the young -- this poor victim was drunk. unconscious. if they're stone-cold sober and committing these acts, then a judge is going to listen to whether they should take them out of juvenile court, but them in adult court, and now depending on what they're able to prove, they're able to prove straight up rape, which is complicated because she -- they lost their witness, un
battery of a 15-year-old girl. days after the alleged crime, audrey pott hanged herself. the victim passed out at a house party and pictures of the attack ended up on social media. just hours before herred is, pott posted on her facebook page her life was ruined. this happened in september but authorities were not ready to make arrests until yesterday. >>> reebook has ended their relationship with rick ross who rapped about drugging and raping a woman earlier this year. rock has denied the lyrics condoning rape. >>> a collision with an ipad. this went viral with nearly 2 million views. a georgia woman said she saw something flying at her car but did not realize what it was until later. here's the amazing thing, this tablet, the ipad, still worked. can you believe that? it's now back with its owner. apparently what happened is someone left the ipad on top of their car and started driving. it flew off while the other was driving and, boom, stuck in the bumper right there. >> unbelievable. >> crazy, right? >>> coming up, another record day for stocks. how long are we able to ride this wave an
for allegedly assaulting a 15 year-old girl are expected to appear in juvenile court today. the family of audrey pott are filing a lawsuit against three teenagers hang suspect " digitally penetrate very sexually abused there after she drank alcohol and passed out. audrey committed suicide last fall after she was all to a friend's house party. >> stay with kron 4 as we continue to follow all the latest developments with the bombings in boston. coming up at 415 will explain how bay area law enforcement agencies are stepping up their patrols. >> coming up at 430 we're hearing from more witnesses were at the finish line of the boston marathon, near the bombs went off. >> and at 445 you will hear from president obamas davis made yesterday after he was briefed on the attacks. we will be right back here on the kron 4 morning news. >> we are back. it is for 10. taking a look at wall street this morning. futures trading shows all three indexes pocket this morning after the worst day of the year yesterday. here's a look at the closing numbers. the dow fell to under 65 points to close at 14,599. >> the 1.8
with allegedly sexual assaulting a 15-year-old at a high school party in september. audrey potts committed suicide days after the party. this, after pictures of the alleged assault circulated on the internet. tonight santa clara sheriff smith elaborates on the case against the teenagers and why the investigation took so long. >> we have arrested each of the three for three charges. one for digital penetration which is a felony. a sexual battery which is touching of private parts. and for distributing of photographs of a minor. i know she was upset. i know there were photographs out there. that's probably what lead to the suicide or at least a huge contributorring factor. it is a tragic case. this is sad. this is bullying. to me it was to humiliate somebody. it is very, very sad. the reason this investigation took so long is we get multiple search warrants of residents, cell phones, electronic equipment and the forensic. we did a lot of work before we were able to really find the evidence that we needed. >>> we just received a statement issued by the school superintendant. >>> a 10-year-old
15-year-old audrey potts, photographing it and sharing photos in september. she committed suicide after learning the photos were posted online. some people are outraged it took so long for the boys to be charged. >>> jonathan winters died thursday at his home in california. winters may have been best known for his roles in tv's "morning and mindy" and movie "it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world." one of his greatest achievements father of improvised comedy. jim carrey tweeted "did god's work." jonathan winters was 87. >>> now listen to this. >> genetics, what can it mean, the ability to perfect the physical and mental characteristics of every unborn child. >> that was a clip from the 1997 sici-fi movie "gatica" to ensur only the best traits are handed down from generation to generation. dna becomes the passport to better careers and lifestyles but could a person's genetics be exploited for commercial gain in real life? on monday the supreme court is going to be hearing arguments to determine if companies can patent human genes and the decision could have a major impact on cancer resear
after a classmate's suicide. audrey potts was molested and then cyber bullied. her story is next on "cbs this morning." am i interrupting something? another viva dare. our fans think there's a rule that a paper towel can't handle this. fans? now that's tough when wet. [ peggy ] grab viva and break the rules on all your tough messes. this is what they do for fun. ♪ (alarm clock buzzer) ♪ (announcer) friskies. now serving breakfast. >>> three teens are charged with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old california girl. she committed suicide. the suspects made their first court appearance tuesday and john blackstone showed us what may be another case of cyber bullying. >> reporter: when audreypot took her own life last september she did not leave a suicide note but in her e-mails and text messages to friends her parents found this reid by audrey's stepmother audreypot. >> i'm in hell. everyone knows about that life. the whole school is talking about it. my life is other very that night audrey went to a party, drank alcohol mixed with gatorade and passed out. while she wa
pott, audrey's stepmother. if you would like to listen live, jump over to [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week, a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. skip the warehouse. quilted northern is $10.99 for 24 double rolls. and dryer's ice cream is just $2.99. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >>> no doubt nbc superstar lebron james is a busy man. he's been doing moonlighting as a quasi meteorologist. miami heat gearing up for playoff on personal stormwatch posted on instagram showing flooding going on in his neighborhood. following that post, the national weather service issuing a flood warning alert saying, quote, lebron james, number 6 of the miami heat reported significant street flooding in the central coral gable area. >> you have to listen to king james. >> you've got to know what's going on. >>> a well-known san francisco restaura
and a cyber bullying of a 15 year- old audrey pott . appear in juvenile court for detention hearing yesterday. the boys were arrested last week in connection with the september 2012 incident. according to the attorney for the pott family, the alleged assault happened at a house party. and in a week later, audrey committed suicide after learning that naked photos of her were being mistreated among our classmates. if a county prosecutor declined to comment about the case positively but allied with court is considering. >> the court is considering the home situation of the minor if they have is they will call. they will consider it a minor is going to school are they truant. what type of stability they have an the court will consider all these factors to make a decision finding in determining whether they should remain in juvenile hall pending the case. >> off on monday the pot family and their attorney addressed the media calling for the defendants to be tried in open court of adults. a decision on that could take up to a month. >> 8:37 . we will be back with more on this wednesday morning on t
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